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CleanSands offers specialized beach cleaners, beach cleaning equipment and beach cleaning tools that are heavy duty, environmentally friendly, compact and easily maneuvered to owners or managers of any type of sand area. These beach cleaners from CleanSands are Sand Sifters that remove smaller debris better than Tine raking machines, leaving clean sands with hardly any tire tracks. They remove cigarette filters, broken glass, syringes, can pop-tops, hardened tar balls, sea shells, stones or other debris. Also, because the screening system is behind the tracks-tires, there is little or NO tire tracks left in the sand after the sifting process. 


Our Barracuda walk behind model takes less effort in controlling and has less vibration compared to older walk behind models. The Barracuda beach cleaner is designed for small to medium size sand ares and is well suited for soft sand.


The full line of Heavy Duty models are tractor attached and not pulled behind units. They have intensive vibrating sifting action that help remove  smaller debris better the Tine Raking equipment. Available now, these heavy duty units have easy changing screens, a removable and replaceable front cutting blade that can be unbolted and replaced in minutes and heavy duty transmission. They are design for all conditions and for many years of service. Excellent for stone removal in arena applications or heavy debris sand areas.

​These HD models are available in 52" - 94" working/processing widths. These units attach to your tractor's 3-point hitch and are PTO driven. The debris bin uses a hydraulic dumping piston. Tractor requirements for the HD52 is a minimum 18 HP and for the HD65 a minimum 30 HP.  If your small compact tractor is not equipped with a hydraulic rear spool, no problem. These beach cleaners can be equipped with a optional manual hydraulic lever pump kit.
Additionally, understanding the needs of the beach going public, we have developed an exclusive line of beach safes, portable beach safes and accessory products that help beach-goers enjoy their time on the beach. 

New units for all your sand cleaning requirements.

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